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# Aedrix root Makefile
# Copyright (C) 2012, Aaron Lindsay <>
# Config options for the code itself (should be separated from the Makefile sometime)
ARCH ?= arm
#ARCH_KCFLAGS defined (if at all) in arch/$(ARCH)/
#CROSS_COMPILE defined (if at all) in arch/$(ARCH)/
# Config options concerning the build process itself
VERBOSE ?= 0 # 1 shows all compiler flags, 0 shows cleaner output
V = $(if $(VERBOSE:1=),@) # Use this to prefix commands that should only be shown when VERBOSE==1
# Define the tools to be used
# Define the flags we'll need for our tools
INCLUDES = -I include -I arch/$(ARCH)/include
KCFLAGS = -g -Wall -Wextra -Werror -nostdlib -nostartfiles -fno-builtin -std=gnu99 $(ARCH_KCFLAGS) -include config.h $(INCLUDES)
KLDFLAGS = -T arch/$(ARCH)/kernel.ld $(ARCH_KLDFLAGS)
# Include the config file so we don't compile/link unnecessary objects
include config
# Define KOBJS as a 'simply expanded' variable
# Initialize sub-directory Makefile inclusion
BASEDIR = $(shell pwd)
SUBDIRS := arch/$(ARCH) kernel drivers
ifneq (,$(SUBDIRS))
include $(patsubst %,%/,$(SUBDIRS))
.PHONY: all tags clean boot boot-gdb
all: aedrix-kernel.img aedrix-kernel.elf
aedrix-kernel.elf: $(KOBJS)
@echo ' LD $@'
$(V)$(LD) $(KLDFLAGS) -o $@ $(KOBJS) $(EXTRA_LIBS)
aedrix-kernel.objdump: aedrix-kernel.elf
@echo 'OBJDUMP $@'
$(V)$(OBJDUMP) -D $< > $@
aedrix-kernel.img: aedrix-kernel.elf
@echo 'OBJCOPY $@'
$(V)$(OBJCOPY) $< -O binary $@
%.o: %.c config.h
@echo ' CC $@'
$(V)$(CC) $(KCFLAGS) -MD -c -o $@ $<
@# Automatic dependency generation fixups (
@cp $*.d $(*D)/.$(*F).d; \
sed -e 's/#.*//' -e 's/^[^:]*: *//' -e 's/ *\\$$//' \
-e '/^$$/ d' -e 's/$$/ :/' < $*.d >> $(*D)/.$(*F).d; \
rm -f $*.d
%.o: %.S config.h
@echo ' AS $@'
$(V)$(CC) $(KCFLAGS) -MD -c -o $@ $<
@# Automatic dependency generation fixups (
@cp $*.d $(*D)/.$(*F).d; \
sed -e 's/#.*//' -e 's/^[^:]*: *//' -e 's/ *\\$$//' \
-e '/^$$/ d' -e 's/$$/ :/' < $*.d >> $(*D)/.$(*F).d; \
rm -f $*.d
config.h: config
@# Generate config header file from make-style include
@echo ' CONFIG config.h'
@cp config config.h
@sed -i '/^\s*#/d' config.h
@sed -i 's/#.*$$//g' config.h
@sed -i '/^\s*\(CONFIG_[A-Z0-9_]\+\)\s*=\s*[nN]/d' config.h
@sed -i 's/^\s*\(CONFIG_[A-Z0-9_]\+\)\s*=\s*[yY]/#define \1/g' config.h
@sed -i 's/^\s*\(CONFIG_[A-Z0-9_]\+\)\s*=\s*\([0-9]\+\)/#define \1 \2/g' config.h
@echo ' CTAGS tags'
$(V)ctags -R $(SUBDIRS)
@echo ' CLEAN config.h'
$(V)rm -f config.h
@echo ' CLEAN *.o'
$(V)rm -f $(KOBJS)
@echo ' CLEAN .*.d'
@echo ' CLEAN aedrix-kernel.elf'
$(V)rm -f aedrix-kernel.elf
@echo ' CLEAN aedrix-kernel.objdump'
$(V)rm -f aedrix-kernel.objdump
@echo ' CLEAN aedrix-kernel.img'
$(V)rm -f aedrix-kernel.img
@echo ' CLEAN tags'
$(V)rm -f tags
boot-elf: aedrix-kernel.elf
$(V)$(ARCH_QEMU_CMD) -kernel aedrix-kernel.elf -serial stdio
boot-img: aedrix-kernel.img
$(V)$(ARCH_QEMU_CMD) -kernel aedrix-kernel.img -serial stdio
boot-hda: aedrix-boot.img
$(V)$(ARCH_QEMU_CMD) -hda aedrix-boot.img -serial stdio
boot-elf-gdb: aedrix-kernel.elf
$(V)$(ARCH_QEMU_CMD) -kernel aedrix-kernel.elf -serial stdio -S -s
boot-img-gdb: aedrix-kernel.img
$(V)$(ARCH_QEMU_CMD) -kernel aedrix-kernel.img -serial stdio -S -s
boot-hda-gdb: aedrix-boot.img
$(V)$(ARCH_QEMU_CMD) -hda aedrix-boot.img -serial stdio -S -s
DEPENDENCY_FILES = $(foreach file,$(KOBJS), $(dir $(file)).$(notdir $(basename $(file))).d)